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Frequently Asked Questions

We at PayTicket, believe in making the payment process as simple as possible. Yet, there might still be questions you would like to ask regarding the process. Below you can find Frequently Asked Questions that we have collected from our customers, if your question is not in the list please feel free to contact our dedicated support team.

Moneynetint is a UK based authorised Electronic Money Institution regulated by the FCA. MoneyNetint operates in the financial services sector since 2004 and has gained vast experience in servicing its clients all around the world.

Payticket is a service provided by Moneynetint which gives clients an online platform allowing them to pay for traffic tickets received while travelling abroad in a fast, cost-effective and secure way.

You can only pay for one traffic ticket per session. If you have received multiple traffic tickets that you want to pay, please start a new session for each one.

You can make the payment using your credit card. Currently we support Visa and Mastercard branded cards and are working on enabling additional payment methods to be available in the near future.

We will be happy to assist you with any issue you might encounter. Please send us an email to: [email protected]

You will not be able to complete the process without uploading the traffic ticket received that bears your name. In case you have been notified by your car rental agency about a traffic ticket received during your rental period, please wait until you receive the actual ticket bearing your name or contact your car rental agency for further information.

Once the car rental agency receives notification that a traffic ticket has been issued, it sends the information back to the competent authority with the details of the person who was renting the car when the traffic violation was committed. It can take a few weeks to several months until a new traffic ticket, bearing your name, is received. We suggest you contact your car rental agency if you do not receive the traffic ticket bearing your name.

The reffering fee, in a sum of 30-50 EUR is charged directly by your car rental agency to the credit card you had provided when made the initial reservation of the rented car. this charge is for the service of referring the traffic ticket back the competent authority with your details. As the attached traffic ticket to the letter you received bears the name of the car rental agency, you should wait until you receive a traffic ticket bearing your name before paying it using our service.

The fee we charge for processing each traffic ticket is 10 EUR, 12 USD, 9 GBP depending on your country of origin.

Once you have successfully paid for the traffic ticket along with our service fee, you will receive a payment confirmation email. We will process the payment to the authority that issued the traffic ticket within 2-4 business days.

Please contact our support team at: [email protected]

Please contact our support team at: [email protected]

In case of missing details or if we are unable to process the payment to the authority for any reason, we will make a full refund to the original payment method and cancel the transaction.

Protecting our customers personal data is one of the most important missions for us. In order to keep the highest data protection standards, we are constantly reviewing and implementing the most advanced technologies, standards and policies. For further details please refer to the Privacy policy.

Your credit card data is not received nor stored by Moneynetint and is being received directly by the credit card processing company duly authorised for that purpose.


Two months after our CEO Yishay Trif came back home from a meeting in Switzerland, he was surprised to find a speeding ticket in the mail. Yishay knew that while he was familiar with the tools needed to pay for an international ticket, most tourists have probably never even heard of them.

Yishay, backed by the MoneyNet, realized that developing PayTicket can make a troubling transfer simple for the average tourist. That’s why we made this easy-to-use payment tool which facilitates traffic ticket payments abroad and protects you from increasing your international debt.


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