Pay Foreign Traffic Tickets Online

Can’t figure out how to pay your foreign traffic ticket?

With PayTicket you can easily pay for your traffic ticket online. Let us pay on your behalf and save you time and money.

Can’t figure out how to pay your foreign traffic ticket?

Due to the ongoing travel restrictions around the world, we decided to temporarily seize the activity of the PayTicket service.
In the meantime feel free to visit and explore our international payment services


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Two months after our CEO Yishay Trif came back home from a meeting in Switzerland, he was surprised to find a speeding ticket in the mail. Yishay knew that while he was familiar with the tools needed to pay for an international ticket, most tourists have probably never even heard of them.

Yishay, backed by the MoneyNet, realized that developing PayTicket can make a troubling transfer simple for the average tourist. That’s why we made this easy-to-use payment tool which facilitates traffic ticket payments abroad and protects you from increasing your international debt.


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